Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swarovski Create-Your-Style Recap

Monica Durazo was my first fiber teacher!

I had a blast at Swarovski's Create-Your-Style event in Tucson the first week of February.  Both my felting class and my marketing class were oversold ....HIP, HIP HURRAY!  We ran out of kits for the felting class, but I was able to cobble together the extra five that I needed.  Thank you to fellow Swarovski Ambassador, Laura Timmons, who hunted down some crochet hooks.  Laura is a bead crochet guru so I knew that she would have 'em!   I even had to steal a class kit away from my friend, Linda Ratka, who was registered for the class.   Linda was a good sport and wound up hanging around to help, which was greatly appreciated.  The felting workshop was much larger than normal so I was very grateful to have the additional assistance of one of my fiber mentors, Monica Durazo, who was a gracious hostess and helluva pal. 

 We were tickled to run into Linda King the morning after her workshop.  She was sporting her felted flower, which looked stunning on her jacket!   Frankly, there wasn't an ugly flower in the bunch.  A few of the workshop participants confessed to having some nervous moments along the way, but I remained steadfast and confident.  I knew they would be fabulous, and they were absolutely lovely!  Every single one!

We offered a Swarovski Crystal Giveway  in exchange for email addresses (ya always gotta be marketing!) and used a random number generator to find out winners!

Congratulations to:
#23   Judy Morinville, #34 Sonya Kroupa, #4 Renee Dutia, and #12 Glennis Peterson 

Your crystal will be shipping next week!

The highlight of my week was having an opportunity to chat at length with my Secret Bead Crush...the lovely Marcia DeCoster.  Marcia is talented and stylish, encouraging and kind.  She likes dogs and she has cool hair.  What's not to love?  She gave me a sneak peek at the jewelry that will be featured in her upcoming book (Oh. My. God.  Amazing, truly!). Best part...she wanted a pair of my felted earrings!  It is always a treat to have someone enjoy your creativity, but to have that someone be Marcia...well, that was a mind bender!  I mean, I have all of her books!  She refused to take the earrings as a gift, insisting that we make a trade.  She gave me the ring off her finger...and it fit.  Killer, huh?

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